by Creative Turf

A lot of people are having healthy alternatives to their diet such as healthy snack, juice, fruit and many more. As consumers’ thirst increases in this direction, so also has this business opportunity seen a huge flock of new entrants almost on a daily basis. Cherithbrook is one of such business prepared to provide top in class offering and is gradually crafting a personality to lead in the coming years. Creative Turf was briefed to define a brand that should reflect the personality and experience the market has to benefit from consuming the brand. In addition, it has to be associated with modernity using a forward-thinking approach.

An opportunity identification was carried out by engaging stakeholders through observational research to understand consumer needs as well as their on-the-go eating habit. The outcome brought about the creation of an identity and strategy suitable which eventually resulted in the recommendation of a bespoke four-wheeled cart and mobile experience.
The result, a brand mark and tone of voice have been brought to life through corporate communications and trade literature. Creative Turf is also charged to work closely with the brand for continuity and image consistence across their different product offerings.

Client: Cherithbrook