Creative Turf creates a whole new fun experience for SHP: A Human-Centered Approach

According to a survey carried out in 2003 by the Federal Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health, WHO & UNICEF on the state of School Health in Nigerian Schools, 1 out of 5 pupils did not have normal vision and about the same number also had subnormal hearing.

For the last few months, we’ve worked on the School Health Program (SHP), an initiative of Medifield, which is aimed at providing integrated and participative health education mainly for primary and junior secondary students. The SHP project will go on to serve as a knowledge, education, and exercise-based approach to improve health awareness and allow the SHP team carry out well informed routine screening exercise for participating students.

As health practice amongst school children continue to suffer from a number of setbacks, which has been attributed to inadequacies of both parents and teachers to play their respective and combined roles as well as the government’s mandate to contribute to the growth of the health sector in Nigeria. The SHP team has before now carried out a number of school visits in a bid to play their role in raising awareness, but it was now time to step back and re-evaluate the process which had suffered setbacks in the areas of inadequate manpower enough to comb through the schools, low literacy level (especially in government-owned schools) and proximity to reach out to remote areas for engagement.

We at Creative Turf stepped in to work with what existed and also create an integrated experience that will make children and parents participate in what we described as “fun health activities”. We started out by approaching this project through a Human-Centered process of Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation.


We first tried to understand the people we were designing for. This was done by research, creating personas and analyzing behavior. This phase allowed us understand their dire need and to develop what will be most suitable for them. In researching, we drew inspiration on how school health programs are done in other regions as far as America and Australia in addition to drawing upon our observational experiences. We found out that a lot had to do with participatory processes, which usually involved parents. Parents are known to play a vital role in the formation of children. Creative Turf went further to identify personas that related to both an ideal and expected parent behavior, which led to an even deeper insight that ended up in reshaping the entire outcome.


After completing the first phase and organizing our findings, we came up with an idea of two engagement processes in the form of a health project and family activity books. The health project book was expected to have illustrations depicting children carrying out everyday activities (like adventures in the woods, going to school in a bus) and their exposure to germs in the process. To enable them engage properly with the book, they will have to colour parts of the illustration showing contact with germs and also filling out the exercise sheet that will follow. The book was also to have a section showing the importance of and encouraging participation in routine health screening. The family activity book was similar but with parents participating and serving as role models to their children on everyday hygiene activities.


Prototype! Prototype!! Prototype!!! This phase brought about the actual design of the ideas above. We created campaign brochures, stickers, the health project book and the family activity book amongst others. It has exceeded all expectations from our client and is set to create maximum impact to all relevant stakeholders. We came up with the message “helping you create everyday heroes”. This message was intended to sensitize everyone on the dangers and limitations of our heroes if we do not adhere to health awareness especially amongst infants and young children.

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