What comes first, Product or Experience?

This subject has created a lot of discussions. Making a decision on what comes first has been on for a long time. It is important for clear distinctions to be made, as many believe that these two popularly used words will greatly determine a business’ survival in a market filled with very many alternatives. A […] Read more

Running a successful business. Here are 5 Ways

The dream of almost every person is to own their own company and lead a team of contributors to changing the world in the near future. While at some point this aspiration becomes a reality, it takes more than just a dream to accomplish this feat that has left a couple of others stumbling by […] Read more

Need Graphic Designs? See why Creative Turf Crowdsource (CTCrowdsource) is your go to platform

Many businesses at some point in achieving their business objectives will have to think or rethink their design and marketing effectiveness/ approach. While it appears as an easy task to take on, compared to marketing, getting quality designs is sometimes a challenge. At Creative Turf, we found this to be a common challenge for businesses […] Read more

Pay more attention to your brand and branding

Your brand primarily represents the vision and statement of your business. It is the voice when no one else is there. To gain the confidence and desired rating from your target market you’ll need to move beyond simply offering a product or service to focusing on developing a trustworthy brand. Often times, companies do not […] Read more

Marketing: What does the future hold?.

We are in the age of what a few people have described as one dominated by technology and increase user involvement. This has changed the way businesses create, test and deliver products for both local and international consumption via marketing. This practice is the same in manufacturing, retail, finance, entertainment and most especially the design sector.

6 Reasons why you should Crowdsource your next design project

Crowdsourcing like never before is gaining more popularity and changing the face of design practice. It works with the principle of letting a crowd or an online community help provide creative ideas for common problems. There have been different situations where this practice has been used; from simpler tasks like logo designing to a more […] Read more

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