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Design Management

Creative Turf considers people and processes involved in value creation. It is at the core of our people-centered and problem-solving model.

We partner with businesses to grow organization design culture, processes & project management strategy in alignment with their overall objectives and strategic goals through design.

We focus on the human-centered approach to managing processes through collaborative designing – co-creation, design thinking and visual communication.


Creative Strategy, Branding & Advertising

Creative Turf has created and executed some memorable campaigns originating from well thought out creative strategies derived from real user insights.

We have partnered with some leading clients to create a process and framework for immediate growth and legacies for their brand.

We are thoroughbred collaborative leads creating useful experiences through advertising & lovable branding that has yielded growth for our clients.

Depending on your requirement, there may be a need to integrate channels of branding, design & art direction, advertising & marketing communication.


There is no business better prepared for their market than one who actively engages.

Creative Turf engages a large community through a secure, on-demand creative platform that connects talented freelance graphic designers with individuals and businesses who need designs.

Businesses looking for graphic design have access to designers who provide multiple options of logo design, invitation design, brand identity and many more graphic design services, while operating an open price and pay system around their budget. 

Creative Turf also helps businesses engage its customers through conversation and collaborative designing via private community space. With this, you have the opportunity to develop a better understanding of your audiences’ motivations, preferences, and needs, and drive customer loyalty.



Creative Turf oversees, engages and manages businesses online environment by generating insights on user trends and customer journey mapping to identify areas of affinity and functionality that will best drive their overall objective.

Building great online experiences requires the focus on strategic brand presence, interface designing, and evaluation matrices.

Our approach is through the use of integrated methods to generate experience across user journey online.

Social Design

We are a team of professionals looking to contribute positively to and improve human well-being and livelihood through design services ranging from healthcare, retail, restaurant, hotel, property & construction, beauty, family, government, and education. We excel in social designing, inclusive design, campaign planning and execution for social causes, and community design management.

Completed Projects